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In her heart Uta wants to play baseball, roam free, and do more with her life than just music; in his heart, Wao knows he’s not the pianist that this child is—not by half.

Wao’s intervention allows Uta to do more of the things a regular childhood allows for, and Uta’s influence helps Wao’s sound evolve.

Admittedly, sometimes the mega-weird personalities have the best profile.

This one was a real treat: I’m a 23 year old male that is in pretty good shape.

Thus far, it’s , with occasional hetero-romantic elements, not a piece of romance fiction. Uta and Wao are both students of piano; Uta is a prodigy, and Wao is a few months shy of failing (at general prediction) his entrance exam to a prestigious music university.

Crunchyroll categorises this book as a romance comic, which would be fairly appalling in the “dating” sense, but works as a description of the dreamy, positive, gradually building respect that forms not only between the two young people at the centre of the book, but also their parents, peers, and other mentors.

Allow yourself to make a normal routine to have coffee with a close friend you can confide in. Accept Invitations From Friends & Family Even though it’s easier to be a hermit, keep your friends close, and your family closer.

Go to outings you’ve been invited to, and try your best not to miss out on important events going on in your family.

Shindo is a manga that prioritises the creative urge to express emotional nuance over the creative ability to draw human beings.

Does the awkwardness of its anatomy serve the characters’ tentative efforts at living authentically or just create a meta-dialogue about following your dreams despite your current capabilities that compliments the thrust of this manga?

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