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'Tony's got the knack of marching along with his cape flowing behind him,' says Katie, 26, with considerable envy. I'm a nightmare for the wardrobe girls.' It's probable that the wardrobe girls only have so much sympathy, however. As one of the stars of Merlin – she plays Morgana – Katie's career is flying high.The TV drama was an unlikely hit – even in this country – but it's been picked up by 52 broadcasters in 180 countries, including China and the US.Prior to Morgan making his return to American television he starred opposite Gillian Anderson in the second season of the Gaius is a very knowledgeable man working as the royal court’s physician.In addition to his medical background, he’s also studied sorcery.

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Just a few years ago she landed a job as a wardrobe assistant on the set of the BBC series The Tudors.

During a meeting with the rather dashing new editor of The Lady Magazine, Matt Warren, I mention how I would love to revive the once celebrated fashion pages, and quick as a flash he says, ‘ okay, show us what you can do.’ I accept the challenge immediately, and I know at once who I want as my muse.

Colin Morgan, the remarkable actor from Armagh in Northern Ireland, who has succeeded in redefining one of the great romantic characters in our history – Merlin.

Pity the pretty young actress who makes a name for herself in the world of TV costume dramas. Then there is the realisation that no floaty dress you wear in real life will ever compare.

'How am I ever going to find a wedding dress that can top this,' wails Merlin actress Katie Mc Grath, with just a touch of melodrama, while swishing several metres of satin around her legs. When it comes to my big day, I'll have to go the other way and wear jeans and a T-shirt, just to get people going "Wow! The costumes in Merlin – the BBC's Saturday evening drama – are pretty magical in themselves, all flowing robes and velvet. Anthony Head, who plays King Uther, can be seen on the set stomping about in black leather, twirling a scarlet cape.

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