Cancers dating other cancers

Getting vaccinated could help lead to the reduction of the prevalence of HPV infection.

HPV is known to cause cervical, vaginal, vulvar, penile, and anal cancer as well as cancer of the back of the throat.

It turns out the breast cancer tumors themselves produce their own estrogen from scratch to fuel their own growth.

Estrogens may be formed in breast tumors by multiple pathways.

“We’re compiling a complete picture of the role that hormones, genes and lifestyle play on the development of these cancers.

Though HPV might not be as well known among sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as herpes or syphilis, it is actually the most common STI. Whichever of these vaccines you and your doctor choose, you should stick with the same vaccine for all three shots.He also hopes to detect, from the smear test, which women carry an Angelina Jolie-type BRCA genetic mutation.Half of carriers have no family history and will only discover they have the mutation when they develop cancer.In fact, inhibiting the estrogen production has been shown to be “more effective” than just trying to block the effects of the estrogen—”suggesting that the inhibition of estrogen synthesis is clinically very important for the treatment of estrogen-dependent breast cancer.” It turns out soy phytoestrogens can do both.Using ovary cells taken from women undergoing in vitro fertilization, soy phytoestrogens were found to reduce the expression of the aromatase enzyme. Breast cancer cells, too—not only suppressing aromatase activity, but the other estrogen-producing enzyme, too. Does soy suppress estrogen production in people too Well, circulating estrogen levels appear significantly lower in Japanese women than American white women.

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