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In Ethiopian adults, the triglyceride levels appeared to be slightly lower than those in resident Israelis.

The Ethiopian immigrants displayed markedly reduced high density cholesterol (38 mg/dl for males, 39 mg/dl for females) compared with levels of between 50 and 53 mg/dl for Israelis at age 8–9 years.

At the height of protests in late 20, Ethiopia imposed a blanket ban for weeks before disrupting only social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

At that time, rights group Amnesty International slammed the disruption as an “intent on stifling expression and free exchange of information.” Critics say Ethiopia, an important Horn of Africa ally of the West sandwiched between volatile Somalia and Sudan, often clamps down on freedoms under the guise of national security.

While the levels in Israelis increase steadily with age, no clear age pattern was discernible in the levels in the Ethiopians (at least cross sectionally).

Among the Ethiopian males, levels were considerably higher than those among Israeli males in childhood and adolescence.

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A Reuters witness confirmed that Wi Fi and cellular internet access has been cut off.Access at embassies and international organizations remained intact.It is not the first time that Addis Ababa has pulled the plug on the internet.The global trade in khat is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year and in one Ethiopian town daily life centres almost entirely around the drug. Land at any airport and you will see planes stuffed with the same green leaves, being unloaded at a frenzied pace.Drive along any road between Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia and you are likely to see pick-up trucks, piled high with bundles of fresh green leaves, hurtling past you at terrific speed, horns blaring, lights flashing. Whether there is war, drought or famine, the leaves get through. I used to wonder where all this khat was coming from. The small town of Awaday is in between Ethiopia's most holy Muslim town of Harar and its big eastern city of Dire Dawa. Unlike the other towns I had passed through, it was not quiet, dark and asleep. Every scrap of pavement, every building, room and shack was devoted to the sorting, the weighing, the bundling and the selling of khat.

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