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If you execute: Insert or Delete native query, then cache will not be invalidated. – kvatashydze Sep 15 '15 at This article explains how the Hibernate query cache works and the effect of native queries over existing cache entries.

Using SQLQuery, Hibernate couldn't know what cache regions you might affect, but luckily you can explicitly instruct it: Recommend:java - Hibernate Caching Techniqueds : 1 write & 1 write/hr) Heavy Transactional (50 tables) - tables like tasks, history etc which are written more and read less but used by services & reports (1 read : 1 writes & 1 write/minute) I am using hibernate, struts2 & spring and This only affects the second level cache. Session) is not cleared every time you run a native query, because that would detach all your current "attached entities", having unexpected consequences in entity state expectations.

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I have a question regarding Hibernate caching mechanism.

I have read in the articles that native SQLquery execution in hibernate, invalidates all regions of cache because hibernate does not have any idea regarding which particular entity it is going to affect.

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