Dating for relating

Strong relationships demonstrate an openness to conversation about all decisions in the relationship, particularly around value-based decisions such as sex.

Dating is not equivalent with a sexual relationship.

Believe it or not, intolerance is the lost key to success in the dating stage.

• Not jump ahead and start Relating (working on issues).

These are commonly held beliefs of people who have not discovered how long-term romance really works. If you learn and follow the the right partner), practice the appropriate skills, and are open minded about this new approach—you can create an easy, loving partnership. If it isn’t, you’re probably jumping ahead too fast or you may be with the wrong person.

And, if you are missing the fundamentals (which are not taught by most parents, teachers, or even psychologists), relationships are difficult, they do require a lot of hard work . No more bickering, power struggles, defensiveness, or confusion about whether you’re with the right partner. During the Dating stage, you’ll learn how to: • Make sure you and your partner have great chemistry without risking jumping into bed too quickly.

Experience Mark's hilarious, practical, and straight-forward advice about sex, dating and relating to teens for parents and youth leaders.

Whether you feel like you keep meeting people who aren’t right for you or you aren’t meeting anyone at all, with your willingness; we can help you easily attract an ideal partner who will love you for who you are.

Once you have met the right partner, we can help you keep that love alive, deal with conflict in a health and productive way, and keep interactions effective and peaceful.

Here is what you will get from the session: – Create a sense of clarity about the type of man/woman you really want to attract – Find out the essential building blocks to attracting the man or woman of your dreams.

– Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the relationship you want.

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